Bark For The Park

Can you hear the Bark For The Park?  The dogs will happily howl over this.  Making a donation to a small community dog park project makes a big difference in many peoples lives.   The impact on our community is so much more than just the good feelings that you experience from making a donation.  People have come together and made friendships, volunteer projects have been accomplished and the quality of dog care has been improved.  It wasn’t until recently that Iron County, Utah got its first dog park.  What a difference it has made.   Hopefully, we can someday have a dog park within the city.

As beautiful as the park is, the vision is not yet complete.  

In just a few years, a once piece of deserted desert land has been fenced and grass and trees have been planted.  It is a work in progress.  Bark For The Park is a project everyone that loves animals can get behind. is giving a portion of the sales to support this project.  When you shop with us you’re are joining the CozyQ team that also supports this local project.

Dog parks are important for several reasons. 

  • Dogs need to spend time exercising unleashed and socializing in a safe place.
  • Dog owners can come together for educational purposes and training.
  • This dog park has a relationship with the dog shelter, this is important for creating enrichment, enhancement, better live-ability, and placement of homeless pets. 
  • It enhances the quality of life, community pride, and economic vitality of Iron County.  
two French Bulldogs at the park

CozyQ chose this pup project because we believe in the values that the park has established.  A portion of all profits generated at will be donated to this cause. 

Make a difference!

If you would like to make a direct donation you can do so at these links.

Bark For The Park Friends of Festival Country