Dogs and CBD

I bet you’re asking so what is CBD? 

CBD is commonly found in hemp and is used to help with common health issues.  These include treating anxiety, pain, and acne among other problems.  Giving CBD to humans and dogs is equally beneficial.

Why give your dog CBD?

CBD has been shown to help dogs with anxiety, seizures, pain, and inflammation.  The test results are very similar to the tests done on humans.

How do you give CBD to your dog?

I use a CBD liquid that I put on their food.  Begin with 2mg for every 10 pounds of weight. These tinctures come in a variety of strengths, so always follow the directions on the bottle and consult your vet or health care provider.

Why are we seeing so much information about CBD?

CBD has been around half a century and was discovered 20 years before THC.  But why are we just now seeing so many hemp products on the market? With the legalization of hemp, the controversies have lessened.  Each state has different laws regarding CBD use, so make sure you know the laws in your state beforehand.

Some of the advantages I’ve seen from giving my dogs CBD is improved behavior while training them.   They seem to have more attention while we practice commands.  More from my older dog, I’ve noticed more agility and a sense of calmness.  As he is growing older, It’s important to keep playing, adventuring and living life to his fullest. 

I believe your pet deserves the best, that’s why supplementing your dogs diet is part of your dog living his best life. I haven’t noticed any negative consequences from using CBD.  CBD is something I feel good about giving my dogs.

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