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What Makes a Paw-some Dog Parent?

Dog parents possess the incredible ability to decode doggy language. It’s like they are on...

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Yes, dog can eat strawberries. They are a healthy addition to a dog's diet....

How I Hand Feed My Dog

Hand feeding dogs is a bonding experience....

Louie’s Dating Profile

Despite loving being in the house, he does get outside once in a while.  Louie...


The benefits of owning a dog are real and are Zooeyia....

Trader Joe’s Cookies For Your Dog

Homemade cookies for your dog from Trader Joe's....

Dogs and CBD

CBD has been around half a century. It was discovered 20 years before THC....

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What they’re saying

We found this  website on Instagram and fell in love with CozyQ.   We will be buying our dog food on because we like your commitment to supporting the local dog park.  

French Bulldog owners know how hard it is to find a great harness for their dog.  Your website has an amazing selection, with cute matching leashes.  I’ll be back for my next leash here.

As a new baker I was excited to find the recipe for pumpkin dog cookies here.  My girlfriend and I made cookies for our friends that have dogs.  Thanks for sharing the recipe and the tips for rolling the dough.  We loved it.