This page is where you will learn more about the culture of

That is to say, a place where you can learn more about our values and creative passion that drives us to make this a website you can trust and enjoy.

A Dogs Mission

We believe that we should take a page from our dogs and keep things simple.  We believe that intelligently created products improve our lives.  Our mission is to bring quality dog products to you, our friends. 


Cosette, nicknamed Cozy Q,  a French Bulldog from Utah, helped form our belief statement.

About Us.

Simply stated CozyQ shares with you only the best products for dogs.  We are a collaborative force fueled by a passion for dogs, design, and creativity.  Showcasing products from new up-and-coming companies work with our privacy policy and working relationship with  Quality is at the top of our minds.  Well-made products reduce waste in landfills and make our world a better place to live.

Dog with Focus

We believe dogs show unconditional love.  Unconditional love can be shown by giving everyone a seat at the table.  It’s important to pick up your own dog shit.  Barking has a purpose and should only happen as a warning.  Dog hair is part of life not worth stressing over.  Rewards and treats are a needed part of everybody’s life.  Going off-leash once in a while is good for the soul.  This may sound strange, but our dogs talk to us and we need to listen more. We believe dog parks make a community flourish.

We believe dogs are our best friends.