Louie’s Dating Profile

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Louie’s Dating Profile

With so many dogs a the park a cute doggie dating profile is a must.  A few weeks ago I shared a dog dating profile for CozyQ , it was very popular.  Now it’s time to highlight Louie with his dating profile.  Every dog needs a turn to bark.  Louie is single and ready to mingle.

Louie a red fawn Frenchie.

Louie is a red fawn Frenchie from Southern California. 

He is a classic good boy type of dog.  He loves all mammals (even the cats), but especially the humans he resides with. This handsome pup can’t resist flirting for a quick head rub or flirting with his big brown eyes.

As a weekend warrior, his activities include exploring a wide range of local trails,  petroglyph viewing, and trips to the used book store.  Louie has visited Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park many times and can give reliable advice about dog-friendly hikes.

Cozyq.com red fawn Frenchie with a dating profile

Louie has a thick husky profile for a French Bulldog, weighing in at 39lbs, he’s a big boy.  The fur baby has a lot of muscle under all that pudge.  He carries it well.  His fur is very soft and he loves to be petted on the ears and belly.

Louie, age 5

Basically, Louie’s turn-ons include (technically nothing because he’s neutered): vanilla yogurt, Sylvan Esso, warm laps, dogs with long legs, girls with long legs, and car rides that end up getting a treat.

Cozyq.com a picture for a dog dating profile.

Despite loving being in the house, he does get outside once in a while.  Louie works as a squirrel containment agent and is highly recognized for his outstanding skills.  He’s even earned a few awards in the field.  Humblebrag for his hard work.

Every Wednesday he hosts poker night for his local pack.  Dogs from all over Cedar City come to play cards. Without a tail, Louie is good at bluffing because he has nothing to wag.   Not to mention, Louie is good at keeping a calm demeanor under stress.

Red Fawn Frenchie named Louie. See more at Cozyq.com

Louie’s hobbies include long afternoon naps in the sun.  Rattling the floor with his snoring. This good boy is a lover; soft and snuggly and a friend to many.  Louie loves holiday time especially when he gets to have everyone around him.

Do you have a dog?  Would you like to have his dating profile shared on our blog?  Drop a note.

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