What Is A Zen Dog?

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What is a Zen Dog?

The answer is basically found in a feeling, I call it ‘Zen Dog’.  Zen Dog is the feeling that comes over you as you connect with your four-legged friend and experience this special bond.  Zen dogs are known as pets that show unconditional love and are loyal to their families.  Compared to birds and most cats, most canines are super people-friendly, they like to be around their pack. Dogs make terrific co-pilots, excellent snuggling companions, security guards, and can even keep a kitchen floor clean.

The bond between a human and a dog is real and has been scientifically studied.  You can read more about the oxytocin experience in this abstract from the National Institute of Health.

Zen dogs have a positive energy and they are eager to share this energy with you.  Have you ever experienced coming home from work to a dog that has been waiting all day to greet you?  That feeling of joy is caused by both you and yohey bring out wholesome social aspects of life, but they also encourage their owners to be healthy.  Since most dogs love being walked and enjoy the time outside.  Responsible dog owners are aware of the happiness that comes from these leisurely strolls.ur dog releasing oxytocin, a zen  bond.  That is unconditional love. 

Walking down the street, even in times of great isolation like a pandemic year, dogs still draw out waves and acknowledgments from animal-friendly strangers.  Since clowning around with strangers is part of their charm, dogs are fantastic to watch. 

Zen dogs are great pets because above all they have a natural instinct to protect you.  It’s their innate duty to make sure all is well.  Some breeds and dogs are better at this than others, but they all seem to have this zen instinct.  In other words, this sense of calm security is Zen-like.


The culmination of a dogs goodness is ‘Zen Dog’.  Animal lovers understand this concept.  In conclusion it is peace of mind, a healthy lifestyle, gratitude for the simple things in life, security and a wholesomeness that comes with a little dog hair and a few poop bags.

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