Trader Joe’s Cookies For Your Dog

Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.

Did you know Trader Joe’s makes cookies for dogs?  This is something to bark about.

Who doesn’t love a fresh homemade cookie?  I haven’t meet a dog that doesn’t appreciate a treat.  These Trader Joe’s cookies have been doggy tested, and doggone it, they’re pup approved.  This post is my review of their dog cookie mix.

You may be familiar with these Trader Joe’s dog treats.  These are a common treat in our house.  The cookie is loaded with peanut butter and bananas.  My dogs enjoy these little nuggets and they routinely add these cookies to my shopping list.

While visiting Trader Joe’s I recently came across this cookie mix, pictured on the left.  Right off I was impressed with the personalization that this mix allows.  There are instructions to add bacon, cheese and other dog friendly foods.

Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.

If you have a dog that is picky about treats and has allergies to many common ingredients you may be hesitatnt to branch out and try new things.  Here’s why I decided to give it a try:

  • The ingedients are all natural and the mix can be customized.
  • Regular use of this type of treats reduce tarter on their teeth.
  • I can change the size the cookie size
Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.

Making the cookies was a snap.

Trader Joe’s Dog Cookie Mix is easy to make and the instructions are well written.  Since this was my first time using this mix I decided to go simple and add only one mix-in, cheddar cheese.  I didn’t want to overload the dough, until I was sure of its quality.

Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.

I was eager to use my cookie cutters so I didn’t want to make the dough to lumpy with additional add ins.  The process of rolling the dough was easy and very enjoyable to work with.

Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.
Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.
Trader Joes Cookie Mix For Dogs.

The cookie mix from Trader Joe’s is definatley worthy of a dog post.

I’d give it a solid 10/10 woofs.  If you’re looking to bake for your dog, this is mix is a must for your kitchen pantry.

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